Main Products:
Snacks, health care products, cosmetics, daily necessities
BigC-LinkieBuy Helps Thai Hypermarkets Accelerate Global Strategic Business Networks
BigC, part of the BJC Group, is a local hypermarket in Thailand and is a one-stop shopping center that combines retail supermarkets and shopping malls. With more than 1,500 stores in Thailand, BigC is a favorite shopping destination for foreign tourists.
Efficient conversion of private traffic60%+Repurchase rate of private users
Consumption upgrade of core users60%+Core users in the community to improve customer orders
Key User Operation60timesAI+SCRM operation conversion year-on-year small program orders
Consumption upgrade of core users3711%+Sales GMV month-on-month growth
Main Products:
Concert/meet-and-greet/concert tickets, artist neighborhoods, Thailand tours, etc.
Star Siam provides online ordering service for concerts, concerts, meet-and-greets, and other performances.
The first concert tickets sold a total of 120, of which VVIP/VIP seats accounted for more than 90%, the first concert finalized sales of 219,000 yuan. It has been reprinted and reported by more than ten media such as Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT);
The conversion rate in the first month was as high as75%VVIP/VIP seats accounted for more than 90% of the total number of seats
Concert-related content seeding1MilliontimesTotal exposure
Press conference live stream viewers175KtimesTotal duration 2.28 hours
First month concert sales219KCNY0 streaming cost operation
Main Products:Clothing, Accessories
LinkieBuy helps Japanese anti-fashion style fashion and opens up a new channel for overseas cross-border direct mailing
Yohji Yamamoto is the designer and new head of the Japanese wave of the world's fashion week, a clothing classic that combines the steady and meticulous character of the Orient, unfolding this fascination in front of the public in a way that has no national boundaries and no ethnic differences.
Private operation core users150K+Core users 6 Monthly growth
Brand small program mall construction30%First year on line continuous monthly sales GMV growth
Branded users high price service operation1v1Exclusive operationCustomized marketing
From Channel to Marketing, XINGYUN Group Helps Brand Sales Detonate
Swisse: From Channel Layout to Marketing to Boost Brand Sales
Australia's No. 1 health and nutrition brand, SWISSE, has signed a contract with Xingyun Global Gateway, and Xingyun Group has created an online omni-channel platform layout and marketing activities for SWISSE.
At present, SWISSE's omni-channel annual100MillionSales Scale
Cranberry capsules sold in a single activity of 3.8 festival.7000+PiecesExplosive SKUs
2020 Jinduoduo channel full-scale sales to reach10MillionOutstanding Achievements
80+ channels layout
Cooperative Customers
The common choice of global brands
Make global buying and selling easier
LinkieBuy helps global brands realize online and offline digital operation.
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