Chinese LinkieBuy and Australian SuperiorPay launching online store to promote more brands entering China market
LinkieBuy, a Chinese cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service brand, and Australian payment agency SuperiorPay launched their first online store, the New Zealand National Mall Mini Program, after one year’s cooperation.
LinkieBuy provides distribution function for oversea merchants
LinkieBuy distribution platform has rich and high-quality domestic and foreign sources of goods, which can provide merchants with massive distribution products. Merchants can use the distribution platform to realize the core demands of selecting goods, thereby further helping overseas merchants to revitalize their private domain traffic.
CHINA GUIDE: How to start your WeChat Online Store operation
we will talk about how to use the WeChat ecosystem to introduce consumers to your LinkieBuy WeChat mini program store to achieve a great revenue.
LinkieBuy, OuiTrust to help European stores explore the Chinese market
LinkieBuy and OuiTrust formally reached a strategic cooperation to help European stores in digital transformation and Chinese market exploration using their respective advantages.
Japanese KOMEHYO and Chinese LinkieBuy | Why do second-hand luxury merchants want to enter the Chinese market?
With the help of LinkieBuy, KOMEHYO launched its cross-border online store quickly on WeChat, the biggest social platform in China.
LinkieBuy and Health More, inspiration for Australian health products in the Chinese market
On December 31, 2020, Health More signed a cooperation agreement with LinkieBuy, the world's largest cross-border digital service provider in China, and launched the Health More overseas flagship store mini program mall in April 21.
Century-Old Offline Store’s Struggle in Pandemic
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has brought considerable human suffering and has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy.
Japanese drugstore giant's net profit fell by 40%, will digital transformation be help?
On September 20th, Tsuruha Drug formally signed a cooperation agreement with LinkieBuy. After more than a month of preparatory work, more than 500 SKU products were prepared for its online store mini program. On October 20th, LinkieBuy officially launched Tsuruha online drugstore as planning, through dedicated online planning and operation, it achieved great sales performances.
Entering China Market is on the agenda of many companies for it is large and growing. However, choosing an appropriate market entry strategy for China is not an easy decision.
WeChat Mini Program Store | The first choice for global brands to enter China through cross-border ecommerce
WeChat, with more than 1 billion DAU, is China's largest social media. In an era when traffic is king, WeChat has naturally become an unparalleled bonanza. The traffic acquisition of traditional e-commerce platforms is harder than ever, transactions relying on social software and social network have quietly become popular. And this is called the risen of social e-commerce.
Cross-border GMV around 5000 million in Double 11, Xingyun Group LinkieBuy continues to upgrade for year-end sales
ingyun Group estimated to end the Double 11 month with 4.7 to 5 billion GMV, a year-on-year increase of more than 50% and once again set a record in the cross-border e-commerce industry. This time, LinkieBuy, a brand of Xingyun Group, made its debut on Double 11, enhancing the merchant experience in an all-round way through system upgrades and achieving an excellent record.
What we can learn from the development of Japan retailers in post-pandemic era
As a world economic power, Japan‘s retail industry has been extremely developed. Since the World War II, Japan’s retail industry has rebuilt, developed, prospered and matured amid the rapid economic rise in the last half century. As an important part of Japan's industrial economy, the evolution of the retail industry is still very representative.
Flying Tiger and Xingyun Group announce strategic partnership to accelerate the digital transformation of Australian and New Zealand companies to enter China
Flying Tiger marketing is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Xingyun Group, to launch LinkieBuy in both Australia and New Zealand, to provide a one-stop cross-border integrated solution for New Zealand companies to enter China through a seamless omni-channel e-commerce experience.
CHINA VIEW | China's e-commerce livestreaming wave
The livestreaming e-commerce industry chain has basically taken shape, and the ecosystem has become increasingly complete. From the initial start with the purpose of content construction and traffic monetization, the industry is currently in an explosive growth stage, and the transaction volume has increased sharply.
The most effective way to tap into the online Chinese market is through WeChat Mini Program
The mini program mall based on WeChat ecology has now become an important way for a large number of global businesses to enter the Chinese market, attracting Chinese consumers and attracting the demand of overseas businesses.
What is private domain user traffic?
Private domain user traffic is when brands create their own customer groups to better engage with them, without relying on expensive advertising channels.
LinkieBuy has formally launched its plan to introduce 100 Japanese retail merchants to the Chinese market
LinkieBuy, a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce service provider in China, recently conducted an internal conference and declared publicly its intention to recruit 100 Japanese retail merchants to China market.
The advantages of WeChat mini program mall
The number of daily active users of WeChat has reached nearly 1.2 billion, and the number of daily active users of WeChat mini-programs has exceeded 450 million. Therefore, WeChat mini-programs have certain inherent advantages
Mastering the marketing methods of WeChat ecology is essential for traffic growth
Nowadays, more and more overseas merchants give priority to the WeChat mini program mall when they enter China market, however, the layout of WeChat mini program is only the first step, and the subsequent construction of private domains is required. Traffic pools, multi-channel traffic drainage, scenario-based content, social e-commerce marketing methods, etc. are the necessary skills for traffic growth.
How to register WeChat mini program?
WeChat Mini Program development is a process quite straightforward and easy to onboard. Here are the steps on how to make WeChat Mini Program.