LinkieBuy distribution function: help overseas merchants get orders quickly and build distribution network

After nearly 20 years of development, cross-border e-commerce has entered the mature stage of coexistence of multiple modes from the primitive stage dominated by human flesh purchasing. In recent years, the amount of cross-border import consumption has also maintained a trend of rapid growth, and cross-border e-commerce has become a stepping stone for overseas businesses to enter the Chinese market.

Overseas businesses want to enter the Chinese market through online channels, generally, there are two ways: set up shop on third-party e-commerce platforms or set up independent stations. However, for overseas merchants, no matter what way they enter the Chinese market, they must pay the most attention to the sales of their products in this way. At this point, LinkieBuy has officially launched the distribution function at the end of 2021 and is constantly optimizing and improving the distribution function.

What is cross-border distribution?

Cross-border distribution is a sales activity that involves a series of processes from the product manufacturer to the consumer. Distribution any kind of distribution can be called distribution because it must pass through a certain way to transfer the product from the manufacturer to the consumer.

In general, there are three common forms of cross-border distribution:

· Wholesale refers to the planned sale of goods in large quantities to selling units or specific consumers.

· Retail refers to shops that produce various retail outlets and sell goods one by one to individual consumers.

· Direct selling, relatively known as no store selling, is now generally combined with user experience. Through subjective research on consumers, consumers can believe that they are directly bought goods.

LinkieBuy provides distribution for overseas merchants

LinkieBuy distribution platform provides merchants with a large number of products to distribute

The upstream of LinkieBuy distribution platform is to undertake the rich and high-quality domestic and foreign goods sources of Xingyun Group in The middle and Taiwan, which can provide massive distribution commodities for merchants on the platform. For some overseas merchants in cross-border operations applet mall, will find online products co., LTD., cannot meet the actual needs of customers, at this time, you can use cloud group rich supply chain resources, using distribution platform for merchants to choose the core of the product shop goods, thereby further help overseas merchants private domain revitalize, cash flow.

LinkieBuy distribution platform provides merchants with diversified distribution channels

LinkieBuy distribution platform docking upstream of the natural and China in the domestic distribution channels, rich in high quality, overseas merchants online products on the mall in the small program, can be launched simultaneously introduces China into cloud library supply chain goods, at present, the natural channel sales system has covered the country's 200 + online electricity business channels, small and medium-sized retailers, 350000 + online Can enable businesses to achieve rapid business growth in China.

LinkieBuy distribution platform provides distributors function for merchants

Downstream of The distribution platform of LinkieBuy is a large number of consumer customer groups in China. The mini program mall built by LinkieBuy for merchants has launched the distributor function. Consumers can apply to be the distributor of the mini program mall, and merchants can select the specified commodities to distribute to the distributor and customize the distribution commission. You can get the corresponding commission amount.

Currently, LinkieBuy for overseas merchants of any of the full channel full scene marketing solutions, has supported more than hundreds of well-known overseas retailers import cross-border distribution and retail solutions fall to the ground, around consumers the change of the contact point to realize the seamless integration of each sales scenario, promote overseas merchants to realize online integration development, build barriers to competition.